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            Leading the sustainable transformation of Australia’s buildings, cities and communities.

            Our vision is to create healthy, resilient and positive places.

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            Green Star certified projects

            How The Star has ramped up its sustainability commitments

            Sustainability and style

            How one of Australia's leading entertainment groups is committing to Green Star

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            The GBCA by numbers:


            GBCA Member


            Green Star rated
            projects certified


            People moving into a
            Green Star rated community

            Let's double down

            29 Oct 2019

            Davina Rooney | CEO, Green Building Council of Australia

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            Upcoming event

            24 - 25 MAR 2020

            TRANSFORM 2020

            After the success of our first TRANSFORM conference in 2019, we will be back in 2020 to push the conversation further! Join us at TRANSFORM to collaborate, innovate, be inspired, engage in deep-dive sessions and learn how to drive action for a more sustainable built environment.

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            Meet the GBCA team

            Podcast: The Voice

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